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Welcome to RootBioMe!

We believe good health begins in the gut, in the microbiome. But if your microbiome isn't healthy, it can leave you feeling less than your best, and at worse, can make you sick. Metabolic diseases like obesity, Type II diabetes, and heart disease are result of an unhealthy microbiome. 

Because of our modern, urban lifestyles, many of us don't have easy access to the type of environments that support a healthy microbiome full of diverse, rich populations of helpful bacteria. In addition, many of us are exposed to antibiotics either through medical treatment; or through the food and water we consume. 

Using proven, IP-protected, scientific research based on studies related to plant and root biology; microbiology including studies related to antibiotic resistance; and genetic research, RootBioMe has created a unique way to increase diversity in your microbiome and help you support a healthy lifestyle.


Want to learn more? Click on any of the links above to dive deeper into our world. 

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